Less is More!

Basic tip from DEFINE instructor Ashley Barber!

Less is More! The simplest movements are often the most effective. Finding your working zone and staying in it lets you make the most of your time and get results quick!

When you keep things small and controlled. . . your muscles are doing the work rather than letting momentum take over the motion. Again, this helps your work more efficiently and get better results faster. Taking a basic workshop will help you refine those movements and find where your personal work zone is for each position.

Take that knowledge with you to your next class so you get a better workout designed just for you every time!

Back-to-Basics Workshops start this weekend! Sign up today to learn helpful tips and more! 

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One Response to “Less is More!”

  1. Roger Marty says:

    I agree. Every workout or even in martial arts classes, usually the basic is the most important since this will be the basis for advanced moves. Never hurry on getting to the next level if you want to truly learn. Master the basics and you’ll master the art.

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