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Forgetting…oh lets say, your socks?

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Ways to fuel the Mind to keep it functioning at its best! 

By: Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N

Lets face it; we all have had our moments- forgetting where we parked the car, a name, birthday, or even an appointment.  While these things can sometimes be normal, they aren’t something you want to make a habit of right? Does integrity of the brain come to mind when thinking about a healthy body?  We take conscious efforts towards keeping the joints, muscles, skin, digestion, hair, etc. healthy, but what are we doing on a daily basis to keep the mind working at its absolute best?  Take these following steps to keep the brain feeling fresh throughout the day:

Stimulate the Brain

If you do this already try something different.  For example if you like crossword puzzles and do them often, then try brainteasers or work a puzzle to stimulate the brain in new ways.

Change the Routine

We are creatures of habit – so if you always put your pants on right leg first or put your shirt on then your pants, try switching it up to force the brain to think in a different order.

Continue to Learn

Most people can’t wait to get out of school to enjoy a little more free time but the more we continue to learn the better.  Keeping the mind engaged keeps neurons in the brain strong and improves function.  So read a book, search the web, or take a class to create new synapses in the brain.


Research now shows that exercising even just three times a week can delay the progression of dementia and sharpen brain function.  Not only does it improve thought process, but it can also energize the body and awaken the mind to think more clearly.

Dental Care

Periodontal disease and gingivitis have been linked to several health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, and decreased cognitive function.  Bacteria from inadequate oral hygiene are believed to travel up to the brain through the cranial nerves thus leading to plaque in the brain, which is associated with Alzheimer’s.

applesBrainpower foods/minerals

Protein– can help block the build up of serotonin in the brain (a neurotransmitter making you drowsy and sluggish).

Nuts – typically high in the mineral boron, which has been shown to improve the electrical activity of the brain.  Other foods that contain high amounts of boron are green leafy veggies, pears, apples, peaches, and grapes.

Apples – not only do apples have the mineral boron, but also some evidence shows that one apple is just as effective at waking up the mind as a cup of Joe.

Zinc – a mineral that has been shown to improve mental alertness and memory.  Foods that have a higher content of zinc are fish, oysters, whole grains and legumes.

Omega’s – crucial in brain development; supports brain function and memory. Foods such as fish, avocados, olive oil, and nuts all contain omegas.

Peppermint – studies suggest that sucking on a peppermint helps keep the mind focused.

Caffeine – some sources have antioxidant properties such as dark chocolate and coffee. Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day will help stimulate the brain and enhanced alertness.  However, too much caffeine can cause dehydration and jitteriness having the opposite effect on the mind.

Blueberries – anthocyanin is what gives this powerful fruit its rich blue pigment, which is linked to enhancing memory and learning capabilities.


We’ve all been there, those times where you just feel in a fog. Rest is needed to stabilize chemicals in the body and achieve psychological and physiological balance.  It’s crucial, and without appropriate amounts of rest – fatigue, memory loss, impaired mental function, depression and decreased mental clarity can ensue.  Just a 10-minute power nap can wake the body and mind up and keep it optimally functioning.


Small amounts make a huge difference when talking about hydration. Losing just 3-5% of body weight can adversely effect concentration, memory and reaction time. Losing just 1-2% can result in dehydration; so don’t wait until you feel thirsty because typically by then your body is already low on fluids.

Life can pull you in all directions; strive not just towards a healthy body, but also a healthy mind!
Lori_frontblogImageDEFINE’s senior instructor and anatomy specialist, Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. is a doctor in chiropractic and registered nurse. Her love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology of the human body drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they pursue their journey towards health and restoration!

More of Lori’s Articles HERE. Check out a DEFINE class or workshop to help fuel your mind during the month of May!





photography by: Christi Minter

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Music Makes A Difference!

Monday, May 6th, 2013

At DEFINE we believe in making the world a better place! From workouts to charity’s, we all aspire to do better, strive to accomplish personal goals and  ultimately make a difference in someone’s life. Music can get us pumped up to do so, or stir our hearts to make that first step. Here are few DEFINE team favorites! Enjoy!


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Friday, April 26th, 2013

Refreshing colors & styles make this collection our best yet! Layer, use as coverups, or wear alone for a light & airy effortless style from studio to the street.
Unsure of which top to pick? Here are the shirts your  instructors choose!

Kasey - striped DEFINE tank

Erin - DEFINE revolution mint wheel v neck tank & “LONGER, LEANER, STRONGER” tank

Dalila  & Jessica - “STRENGTH, LENGTH, BALANCE” tee

April  & Jane – Angel Wings dolman

Shop in DEFINE studios and online!

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Heat Vs. Ice? – The Age-Old Debate.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

By: Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. 

Reducing aches and pains before they ever start is always ideal but lets face it, there’s a weekend warrior in almost all of us.  Whether it’s working in the yard or trying a new sport, heat and ice can be utilized to ease muscle and joint discomfort.  So when aches and pains hit do you use heat or ice? Most would probably rather use heat more often than not, but depending on the injury and other associated conditions, heat can either be a good thing or detrimental to the healing process. Lets see why.DSC_1795-1_WEB

photography by: Christ Minter

There are two types of injury: 

Acute – new injuries or re-injures less than 3 weeks old

Chronic – injuries older than 3 weeks

A good rule of thumb to remember: 

Acute injuries use ice.  This helps decrease inflammation and reduce pain, which is crucial in those first few weeks. Alternating heat and ice therapy can help speed up the healing process, but remember to finish with ice.

Chronic injuries use moist heat.  Moist heat such as a hot shower is better than a heating pack because heating packs can dry out the joint, compromising its integrity. Utilizing heat from the shower to relax the muscles and promote circulation is a great example of moist heat.

How to

Ice: When using an ice pack make sure to place a thin towel down between the skin and ice pack.  Contrary to what most people believe, ice should only be applied for about 15-20 minutes every hour.  After 20 minutes the tissue begins to heat up so placing the ice on for a longer period of time is actually counter productive – longer doesn’t equal better!


Heat: Effects from moist heat can be reached in 20 minutes. Typically anything past the 20-minute mark isn’t necessary.  Keep in mind, doing passive stretching while the tissues are warm can loosen up the muscles more efficiently and promote circulation.


Medical conditions or illnesses such as those that affect circulation (for example diabetes) and cardiovascular disease don’t respond to thermal changes well, resulting in a deceased tolerance to heat and cold.  Make sure circulation and sensation are intact before use of either therapy.


Always monitor the area frequently to make sure the integrity of the skin remains healthy and intact.  Smaller areas of the body such as hands and feet tend to be more sensitive to heat and ice therapy.  And do I have to say it – never fall asleep during heat or ice therapy!

Next time you get ambitious and tackle a new project, wake up the body to new found muscles or suffer from old aches and pains, consider not only what type of injury it is, but also which therapy would be best to get the body back to functioning at its optimal level!

Lori_frontblogImageDEFINE’s senior instructor and anatomy specialist, Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. is a doctor in chiropractic and registered nurse. Her love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology of the human body drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they peruse their journey towards health and restoration!

More of Lori’s Articles HERE.

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Music & MS 150

Sunday, April 21st, 2013


DEFINE instructor Kristen Frizzell (pictured right) rode in the BP MS 150 this past weekend and we want to say a BIG CONGRATS for a job well done! Here is a recap from Kristin!

“Registration fee: $100, Cycling shorts: $52, Camel back: $68, Cot: $85… Finding a cure for MS: Priceless. I finished the 150 miles from Houston to Austin this weekend. It took more than 9 hours over the last 2 days, but that is nothing compared to the challenges that people living with MS face everyday. Thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for me and the other riders. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!!” – Kristin Frizzell

If you missed Kristin’s playlist a while back, here it is!

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Move Your Body To The Music!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

This month we are emphasizing feeling REFRESHED!  Check out the upcoming workshop with Ashley Barber, as she guides you in brushing up on the DEFINE body basics to get the most out of your workout!  We asked  Ashley how music “plays” into a DEFINE body class. Here is her response and a few tunes she wanted to share!


“Any one whose taken a DEFINE body class knows it is not easy. It’s always a challenging workout, but a good playlist helps get you through. Just when I think I can’t do another second of chair, plank or foldover, I just listen to the music. I begin to move to the beat and then all of the sudden, we’re done. Music is magical.”

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Wunder Under Roundup!

Friday, March 1st, 2013

This month at DEFINE we are celebrating community and  and how important it is to get involved!  Since everything is bigger in Texas, we had to include The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - the world’s largest livestock show and rodeo dedicated to benefiting youth, supporting education, and facilitating better agricultural practices through exhibitions and presentation. Hat’s off to all the contributors, participants and volunteers that make it happen!

From getting Wrangler Ready to a Hoedown Happy Hour, we have rounded up the best Workshop and Events  for you!

DEFINE rodeo roundup from DEFINE on Vimeo.


Featured Styles:

Lululemon Wunder Under crops, Cool Racerbacks, Power Y Tanks, Practice Freely Tanks.

Look for more Wunder Unders coming soon!  DEFINE tanks, Ts, and sweatshirts available at all studios! Insta- DEFINE STYLE right to you!


Hello Spring!

Check back all month long for Spring 13 collections from all your favorite brands at DEFINE, including brand new DEFINE branded T’s and tanks!! S4S ( Strength for Service ) Coming SOON !


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Music Monday!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Born with a Beat

Ever wonder why the second you hear, say, Beyoncé’s latest chart topper, you automatically start tapping your feet or otherwise moving to the beat? “It’s an instinctive response,” says Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., a music and sports researcher and coauthor of Inside Sport Psychology. Yup, you’re hardwired to sync up your own movements to music, possibly because even primitive cultures used rhythmic movements to express themselves. Richard Ebstein, Ph.D., a professor in the psychology department at the National University of Singapore, adds that it’s a universal phenomenon. Even birds and bees use dance to communicate

Read more at Women’s Health:

Get your Monday moving and shaking with this DEFINE body playlist from Ashley!


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