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Ashley’s Healthy for the Holidays Playlist

Join Erin Stewart and Ashley Barber at our Healthy for the Holidays workshop for tips to stay on track throughout the holiday season. Let Ashley teach you a simple on-the-go yoga flow you can use to maintain your workout routine no matter your travel plans. Then meet Erin, our in-house natural foods chef, in the […]

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Elizabeth’s 30:30:30 DEFINE experience playlist

The DEFINE experience: 30/30/30 is coming to West University & The Woodlands! DEFINE: West University Saturday, September 21st, 4-5:30 pm REGISTER HERE DEFINE: The Woodlands¬†Sunday, September 22nd 12:30-2 pm REGISTER HERE Start your Fall season with the complete DEFINE experience. ¬† Take ALL of your favorite transforming and re-energizing DEFINE classes in this 1.5 hour […]

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Music Makes A Difference!

At DEFINE we believe in making the world a better place! From workouts to charity’s, we all aspire to do better, strive to accomplish personal goals and ¬†ultimately make a difference in someone’s life. Music can get us pumped up to do so, or stir our hearts to make that first step. Here are few […]

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