The Color Run

How fun does this look?

What is the Color Run?
The Color Run is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. The events, is all about people of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of the Color Run course will be the most enjoyable real estate you’ve traveled in a VERY long time.

How does it work?
The Color Run pretty much has 2 SIMPLE rules. 1. White shirts (any mostly white T will work great) mandatory at the start line and 2. Color plastered EVERYTHING at the finish! Runner/walkers begin the 5k at the start line like a brand new pristine coloring book, they end looking like they fell into a Willy Wonka… tye died… vat of colored goodness.

What is the Color?
Each kilometer of the event is associated with a designated color. 1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “Color Extravaganza.” As the runners/walkers hit the KILOMETER COLOR ZONE, they will be blitzed by our volunteers, sponsors, and staff with COLOR. The color is a special “elf made” recipe of magical color dust. All products are 100% natural and safe. You can eat the stuff if you’d like (we have tried it and don’t suggest it, it is surprisingly high in calories and leaves a chalky aftertaste). See the diagram below for the “Color Zone” specifics:

And though there isn’t a color run scheduled in Houston this year, there is one coming up in Austin on February 4th and then Dallas on February 19th. For more locations and dates, click here.

4 Responses to “The Color Run”

  1. Sarah says:

    I highly recommend this 5k! It was so much fun! I made a video of my experience running it in Arizona!

  2. jasmine galvan says:

    when can i join this color run i live in Houston and i want to enter

  3. Hank says:

    Hi Jasmine – The color run was only held in Austin and Dallas this year. I’m not sure about any future run sites and dates. Check their website for more information.

  4. Shelly says:

    Come down to Houston next year!

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