A perfectly balanced 60-minute class of strength, flexibility, and fun. This results-oriented class combines Pilates, yoga, ballet, and core strengthening to target all the major muscle groups in the body. We use small hand weights, a ballet barre, a mat, and a ball to help you burn fat and lose inches. Breathe easy, our supportive instructors make class fun while focusing on proper alignment and form to help each of our clients look and feel their best, no matter their fitness level.

DEFINE revolution, 

“Houston’s first specialized indoor cycling studio”

DEFINE’s take on indoor cycling incorporates the ultra-effectiveness of our DEFINE body class onto the bike, combining principles of isometrics with cardio-blasting, high intensity fun! For 45 minutes, DEFINE revolution incorporates choreographed movements to high-energy music on a stationary bike for a full body workout.    **Spin shoes with clips are required in the DEFINE revolution class, and rental spin shoes will be available at the studio.


A soothing 60 minute class focused on gaining flexibility. This class will refresh your body, calm your mind and balance out any tightness. We utilize yoga and myofascial release techniques to melt away stress and tightness in the hamstrings, hips, shoulders and more. A perfect compliment to DEFINE body, DEFINE revolution,or any physical activity. Get ready to feel revitalized!

DEFINE body&mind

Want to improve your strength but need a little more stretching? This variation of the DEFINE body class gives you a great workout and incorporates DEFINE mind elements, placing more emphasis on stretching to achieve enhanced flexibility. This 60 minute class focuses on improving your strength, flexibility, and balance while helping you feel your best. Perfect for all age groups and all fitness levels.

DEFINE xpress

Want to re-energize your afternoon? This brisk paced class offers a condensed version of our DEFINE body class in just 30 minutes. You will walk away feeling re-charged and ready for the afternoon from this efficient workout.

DEFINE prenatal

Let DEFINE be a part of your healthy pregnancy.  DEFINE prenatal is a great way to keep in great shape, look your best, and bond with other moms-to-be throughout your pregnancy.  Although all of our classes are prenatal appropriate, DEFINE prenatal offers extra attention on how to work your arms, legs, and glutes.  We also show you all of our abdominal work modifications to keep your spine healthy to make momma happy!


An excellent opportunity for mom and baby to bond while mom can re-define her body! This class focuses on arms, legs, glutes, and abdominals for the most fun 30 minutes spent exercising. Designed for moms with babies who love to be in their carrier!


Discover deeper strength and a stronger sense of self through this physical and spirited practice. Our instructors will guide you through a flowing practice that will increase your inner and outer awareness by balancing freedom and fluidity with core strength and stability. Learn to find your balance through this dynamic yet playful practice that will wake you up from the inside out to help you break through any personal barriers in order to take your practice to an entirely new level.
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