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Dreams of a DEFINE Franchise? It All Starts With a Conversation!

Opening a DEFINE Franchise Begins with a Simple Conversation You’ve done some online research, read our blogs, reviewed press articles, and possibly even experienced our classes or have spoken with a DEFINE franchisee. Maybe you’ve spent a few hours looking into DEFINE as your next personal and professional venture and you’ve liked what you’ve seen […]

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Looking and feeling vibrant in every phase of life

By Lori Hudson Bertrand DC, RN Part 1 of 3 Prevention-   You might realize when you’re getting older when… “Conversations with people your own age, often turn into dueling alignments,” or “The candles cost more than cake”   We joke about getting older. The way we feel, the sudden appearance of wrinkles or even […]

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The Tendu Grip Legging

All the flattering seams and lines you love in the Raquel flared leg tight, are now in legging form with anti-slip performance silicone flocked stirrups for a sure-footed workout every time! DEFINE yoga approved.

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Can You Pass The Stress Test?

Chapter 3: Balance Balance is active.  Like a tightrope walker on a wire.  Creating balance takes both strength, length & an awareness that comes with practice.  At DEFINE all classes are based on the principle of both physical and mental balance so you can move with the natural ebb and flow of life. April and […]

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Can You Pass the Stress Test?

Chapter 1: Strength Strength is a founding principle of long-term health and wellness.  At DEFINE, this represents power, focus, and vitality.  The strength we develop in all of our classes carries us throughout our day, whether we are strengthening our muscles, minds or hearts . It helps to combat stress both physically and mentally. April […]

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