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Five Questions to Ask Your Mom: Mother’s Day Enlightenment with Anne Richardson

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, DEFINE founder Henry Richardson sat down with his mom for a glance at their relationship. Give your mom the gift of an intimate moment with a light-hearted Q&A. Ask your mom these questions and let us know what enlightening tidbits you found out about her.

For more bonding, bring mom to our body basics workshop on Mother’s Day 11:00am at West University with mimosas and shopping to follow.  REGISTER HERE. For Mother’s Day happenings at our other studios, learn more HERE .


Henry and Anne Richardson

Henry: What characteristics do we share? Which of my characteristics differ from you?

 Anne: I think we share the characteristics of compassion for others and a deep love of family and friends. We also look very similar-we both definitely came from the same gene pool.

We differ in your never-ending energy for work and love of exercise.  You resemble your father more in these areas. I am not the morning person that you are!

Henry: What are the differences from being a mother now days to when I was a child? Which do you think is harder/easier?

Anne: I think being a mom has always been one of the most important jobs on earth. I can’t say it was harder or easier in my day because every generation has its own challenges. I do believe with all of the access to information and media today, some of it good and a lot of it bad; there are some really big responsibilities for moms to keep their kids protected.

Henry: What is your favorite memory of being my mother?

Anne: I have so many great memories of you growing up but some of the best were going to your diving meets and watching you compete with top athletes in the country and around the world when you were 11 to 21.  These were also some of my proudest moments of you.

Henry: What has surprised you about the path my life has taken as an adult?

Anne: Well…you’ve been full of surprises, but that’s what made you the unique individual you’ve turned out to be.  And I couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments!

Henry: What one piece of health and wellness advice would you give mothers in their 20s, 30s and 40s?

Anne: Enjoy your health and beautiful bodies at every age. When you look back, you’ll wish you were less critical of yourself and appreciated your youth and good health.

Stay tuned later this week for answers by DEFINE co-owner and DEFINE foods Chef Erin O’ Leary Stewart’s mom, Kathleen.



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I achieved fitness and strength!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

photo 1-2

I have never taken the time to do anything testimonial-like before, and now is an unlikely time to start:  I have a baby, an active three year-old, and a writing career that keeps me busy.  But DEFINE has become so meaningful to my family that I decided to respond to the #WEDIDIT post asking for personal goal stories.

My friends started talking about DEFINE right before I got pregnant with my second baby.  I finally signed up to take my first DEFINE body class when Wyatt was three months old; his older brother, Jacob, was about to turn three.  I walked into that class an utterly exhausted, breastfeeding mom of two busy boys with 20 pounds of postpartum weight on me.  The class was as tough as I’d anticipated, but I knew instinctively that it was something I should stick with.

And so I did.  I took two DEFINE body classes and one DEFINE yoga class a week for the next six months.  Even though Wyatt continued (continues!) to be a bad sleeper, I knew I’d feel better if I went to class, even if in a fog.  I started feeling stronger and more balanced within a couple of weeks; after six months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  More importantly, I’d replaced excess fat with muscle, my clothes fit better, and I felt stronger than ever–even stronger than when I worked with a personal trainer twice a week and ran regularly.  And most importantly, I felt like I’d reclaimed my body, my strength, and my overall health.

About this time, my husband–an extremely hard-working attorney who’d gone from bachelor-to-husband-to-father-of-two in a blink and couldn’t seem to find the time or energy to exercise–decided to open his own law practice.  We both knew that he needed an outlet for stress and time to take care of himself, especially because we’d seen how transformative my DEFINE workouts had become for me.  I suggested he try a Rev class.  He did, and afterwards, walked directly to the front desk and purchased a year’s worth of unlimited Rev classes.  That was three months ago; Josh is fitter, leaner, and healthier already, and to both of our excitement, craves three to four classes per week for both mental and physical well-being. Naturally, I had to see what the fuss was about and now have three DEFINE revolution classes under my belt, too.  I can’t wait to line up some babysitting so that Josh and I can take a class together, one of these days!

I may never look like a DEFINE instructor or ever be able to do a one-legged Chaturanga, but I am utterly thrilled with the level of fitness and strength I’ve achieved with the incredible encouragement and contagious focus, enthusiasm, and determination of DEFINE instructors.  I’m equally thrilled with the transformation I’m watching unfold in my husband.
Thank you DEFINE for giving us fitness, health and instilling in us the belief that our well-being is well worth investment.  I will always be grateful. -DEFINE client, Emily Schaffer

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Lean & Green With Channel 2!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014



Are you raising they bar this spring?

Check out Click2Houston Ruben Galvan’s visit toDEFINE: West University for a workout and then over to the kitchen for some  Lean and Green Juice .  Thanks Ruben for stopping by! Lean and Green Juice Recipe by Natural Foods Chef, Erin Stewart -DEFINE foods.


6 stems kale

2 handfuls spinach

ó large cucumber

1 pear

1 lemon, peeled

1” piece ginger

Cut away the peel from the lemon.

Wash the veggies and fruit.


Process all ingredients through a juicer, running juice and pulp back through the juicer as needed.

Serve and enjoy immediately.

© Erin O’Leary Stewart, DEFINE foods


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Thursday, February 20th, 2014


This month we are sharing and celebrating goals we’ve accomplished! Here are a few of our teams stories and how DEFINE was there along the way!  Have YOU met your goals? Share with us at or on instagram @definebody, #WEDIDIT


“DEFINE has helped me accomplish a strong body and mind so I can be a healthy Mom!” -DEFINE experience expert,Danielle Rolfes


DEFINE has helped me take much better care of my body in the way that I warm-up before a show. I have so much more control of my body in my dancing, and it helps me stay in shape when we have down time during the performance season. DEFINE promotes balance as one of its core values, and without valuing balance in my life, I wouldn’t be able to juggle teaching my weekly classes, dancing with Urban Souls, and teaching Dance in a PK-8 school Full-Time. - DEFINE instructor, Marlene Watts


Achieve physical and mental strength, pre and post pregnancy.  Each class at DEFINE challenges me to become stronger, and leaves me more energized for my little ones. - DEFINE senior instructor, Lori Bertrand


“I ran my first half marathon!  DEFINE has given me endurance, strength, flexibility, and most importantly has taught me how to breathe while exercising. My body is forever grateful that I walked into a DEFINE for the first time 3 years ago!” -DEFINE instructor, Callie Anne Holland


“I have stayed healthy, energized and fit throughout my pregnancy! I love the way I feel after taking and teaching! I’ve had a lot of people tell me I have “that glow”, which I attribute to getting plenty of sleep and taking DEFINE classes.”-DEFINE instructor, Emily Lewis


“I was a confident, happy bride on my wedding day! Through the stress of the wedding planning process I always would find peace and focus at DEFINE. The combination of the REV and Body classes helped to make sure I looked my best on my wedding day. The DEFINE mind was there when I needed a little time to unwind and relax and get away. – DEFINE instructor, Kate Cromwell Griffin


“I’m a braver person now! DEFINE helps me try new things! I never would have para-sailed this year without building confidence through teaching class!- DEFINE instructor, Elizabeth Suffield Wilhite

photo 1

“After a lot of shaking, wobbling, and literately falling on my face a few times, I was finally able to master an arm balance! Last summer, I began incorporating a DEFINE yoga practice into my weekly fitness routine. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone and really challenge yourself. Often times  you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve. .” -DEFINE instructor,  Alison Brookby



“I am now training for my first 1/2 Ironman! Working at DEFINE has inspired me to dream big.” -DEFINE instructor & manager, Kristin Frizzell


“I finished almost four minutes faster than my goal marathon time! I credit DEFINE revolution for my cross training, DEFINE body for my strength and DEFINE mind for  for injury prevention. I also felt so incredibly uplifted at miles four and seven in front of our studios as I saw my fellow instructors cheering us runners on.” -DEFINE instructor Jennifer Harkins




Inspire us with a photo of you in your DEFINE Burnout Tank.Tag @definebody and #WEDIDIT on Instagram for a chance to win $25!Purchase a NEW DEFINE tank

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My Habitat trip to Cambodia, by Henry Richardson

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


I just returned from my very first trip to Southeast Asia.  Luckily, I prepared a few things for the plane ride:  extra clothes, my toothbrush, and my own little emergency shower kit (basically, lots of baby wipes). I say luckily because it took me roughly 36 hours of travel time.  The terrible LAX shootings contributed to an additional 12 hours: layover in LA, a cancelled flight, a missed connection, and a lovely 12 hour layover in Seoul, South Korea.   When everything was said and done, I left my house at 7am on Friday morning and finally arrived in Phnom Penh in the middle of the night around 12:30am early Monday morning.  It was quite the adventure.  However, my adventure was just beginning as I started my Habitat for Humanity volunteer trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



This was my fourth Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip but my first trip as a Global Village co-leader.  My other co-leader, Kelly, made leading quite simple.  She was a rock-star!  She made t-shirts, prepared welcome bags, and was an equal partner in helping create our skit night performance of, “America” an interpretive dance to the Neil Diamond classic, “America”.  Oh yes we did!


We spent our days working to build safe, decent, and affordable housing for a handful of Cambodian families, and we spent our evenings laughing and getting to know people from around the world while we explored various areas and cuisines of Phnom Penh.  I ate a fried grasshopper.


My favorite part of a Habitat build is meeting the family and the children who we are building for.  And this particular build, may have been my favorite family story so far.  This is why…

In 2009, a dump site named, Steung Meanchey, was closed, which was the main income provider for hundreds of people living on or near the dumpsite.  Families would collect the trash and sell what they could to earn a living.  I was told by Habitat that thirty-five percent of the population in Cambodia currently lives below the poverty line, surviving on less than US$1.25 per day.   On average, our families would earn $1.00 – $5.00 each day collecting and selling the garbage.


“In 2008 there was a food crisis, and then the economic crisis of 2009, severely affected the population, especially children, and led to a rural exodus. This caused many families to have to relocate to urban areas which had severe consequences for poverty line families – they became scavengers living in rental shacks at high risk of eviction, many were infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, enduring these and a great many other perils – predominantly in the capital city of Phnom Penh.


Rural families arriving in Phnom Penh often do not have adequate skills to find employment and secure access to an income; parents have very little capacity to provide even basic education to their children or to find decent housing leading to unhygienic and unsanitary living situations which affects health.


Housing and education critically intersect in the lives of low-income people.

Without the skills to secure a job, all family members – including children – end up having to find ways to secure food, preventing children from going to school, weakening their overall health and that of the whole family. Moreover, a constant threat of eviction in low-income neighborhoods affects both livelihoods and children’s education. With the closure of Steung Meanchey dumpsite in Phnom Penh in 2009, families that depended on scavenging at the dumpsite were forced to move elsewhere – to even worse living conditions – and were uprooted from their income source, leading to increased absenteeism from school and the family being plunged further into poverty.


“Living in a secure house provides protection, especially for women and children. It keeps families safe from monsoon rain floods, and provides better access to water and sanitation facilities. Furthermore, a decent house allows families to use their homes for microenterprise activities, expanding income-generation opportunities – enabling children to go to school and giving them decent space to study.”  – Habitat For Humanity

Our team had the opportunity to visit the dumpsite.  It was filled with emotion that truly gave meaning to all of the work we were doing each day.  As we entered the dump site, there was clearly a smell of trash that hit the back of your throat.  Almost immediately, several children emerged and started smiling for us to take their photos.  With each photo came a new child, wanting to look at our screens to see themselves.  It was a humbling hour of walking and touring while we had the chance to play with the kids.  “I am so lucky!” is all I could think the entire time I was at the site.  Any of us could have been born into that situation.  This is not to say that the families are less than me because they live in these conditions, however, there are basic living standards, like safety and having access to clean water, that make living in a situation like the above, very challenging.

In the middle of the tour, we came across “our family”.  I instantly recognized the mother and her son.  “This is our family!” I kept telling our team.  This was the family that was going to be living in the house we were building.  Seeing the family and seeing where they were currently living is really where everything sunk in.  I couldn’t help but get choked up.  We met Jeom (pronounced Jim) and two of her 5 sons, and to describe what we saw, and to know what we were helping build, was truly one of the most inspiring moments of my life. This experience put all of our efforts into perspective.  We were really going to have an impact on this family’s life and the future of their children.  I will take this memory with me for the rest of my life.

Our days in Cambodia continued and so did our building.  Although the constant rain slowed us down on the second to last day, we nearly finished laying the foundation and bricks for each room of our apartment: common area, bedroom, and bathroom, all in one week.  The first floor of the first 12 units was almost complete.


The final day was a warm post rainy humid day!  I took my already existing farmer’s tan to the next level.  Sexy!  And then, it happened.  We came to the end of our time building in Cambodia.  Each house had a closing ceremony with their team members and families.  It was a beautiful moment and the entire experience all came together.  It was a Cambodian tradition to say a prayer to the family and then they would say a prayer in return followed by throwing a handful of flowers over our head to bless us for all of the work we had done.  The family was very emotional because they were so grateful.  They couldn’t understand why so many people wanted to help.  Why would a group of people take their vacation time to help someone they don’t even know?


My time in Cambodia was truly an amazing adventure, and I am leaving this experience with a new perspective on life.  Traveling, experiencing a new culture, seeing a non-tourist side of a new country, connecting with great people from all over the world, and developing a bond with a family by helping them secure a better future has left me feeling more connected and balanced.  I am leaving this experience reminded of Kahlil Gibran’s quote: “You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

With love,


You can help Henry win $5000 for Habitat for Humanity by voting for Paper City’s Momentum award, or visit Habitat for Humanity to see how you can join a building project!

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Sunday, October 27th, 2013


This November, we’re seeing the holiday season with a beginner’s mind, noticing the abundance that surrounds us, the fullness for which we give thanks. Please join our DEFINE family (and their families!) as we celebrate and give thanks. We made these little cards to share with your family & friends on our site, on Pinterest or on Facebook. Enjoy!

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Carla is 70 this month!

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


What an inspiration. “I’ve decided I want to get stronger, and DEFINE is doing it!”
-Carla Danbury

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Extraordinary color by Soo Sunny Park

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light from Walley Films on Vimeo.

At Rice Gallery in Houston.

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WHO’S CHEERING YOU ON? Your Environment

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


What elements of your environment make you feel alive? Which ones hold you back?


The human body is incredible. Our ability to perceive our world through our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) enhances our experience in profound ways; some work for us to create momentum and inspiration and others work against us, creating chaos, stress and anxiety.


Generally, when we think about living a life that is encouraged and encourages others we focus primarily on our relationships with others, but what about our relationship with our world and the elements that we come in contact with on a daily basis? How does your atmosphere, the objects that make it up and what you interact with (music, food, products, clothing… etc.) affect who you are and the course of your day, week or year?


A few months back I wrote a post, “Live To Be Inspired – Part 3 – Engaging Environment,”and in it I explored how our environment can be either a facilitator or inhibitor of living an engaged life, fully aware and alive. In it I shared how I went about creating my office space; the place I spend a good portion of my time during the day with either clients or writing.


Creating a space that stimulates my creativity and ignites feelings of being alive, present, engaged, refreshed, at ease and cheerful is top priority for me. From artwork, to decorations, paint colors, scents, natural light and soothing music, each piece or element works to enhance my space and create a sense of calm, purpose, inspiration and comfort– drawing on the five senses to not only create a space, but an experience.


Atmosphere – one of DEFINE’s spheres of influence is made up of sights, sounds and materials that enhance your experience and helps to inspire and facilitate results; thoughtful environments designed to be energizing while maintaining a soothing balance.


What makes up your atmosphere? And how does it affect your life, mood, relationships and goals? Taking the time to evaluate all five of your senses while in your natural environment at work, at home, with friends, where you work out, like to eat, shop, travel, etc., will help you find the right balance of energizing and calming elements to not only elevate your experience with your world, but also enhance your mood and inspire positive movement towards the dreams, goals and desires that you have.


All too often small things stand in our way of progress and feeling motivated – small things like excess clutter, negative relationships, the absence of natural light and a poor diet lacking in nutritional content.


Try this exercise to wake up your senses by creating a list of moments you feel most alive, grounded, energized and free.


1)  Write out your answers in a place you can access easily and will not lose.


2)  Thinking about your day, list the places you spend the most time.


3)  Separate each place and in thinking about the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) write out what makes you feel the most alive. It can be short and sweet or you can elaborate as much as you want.


4)  Similarly, write out what inhibits you, drains you, creates boredom and frustration. What just doesn’t feel good? Your commute, cubical, the color of your bedroom walls or crowded grocery stores. Does your office lack natural light, are you around food choices that are packed with simple sugars and lacking in nutritional content?


5)  Once you have the list, rate each element on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest rank for how affected you are by it, positively or negatively for the respective lists.


6)  Identify which ones you ranked the highest and create a plan to either reduce it or increase it – meaning, if your office cubical creates stress and frustration and you ranked it an 8.5 with regards to how much it affects you, try using an element from your list of positives (your garden view – bring plants that do not require natural light to enhance your space and remind you of your love for the outdoors) to see if you can incorporate something that will reduce your stress to a 7 or 6. The idea isn’t that you have to eliminate it altogether because that isn’t always realistic, however, believing that you are stuck or unable to introduce relief is a misconception.


Creating lasting change that invites positivity and energizes who you are from the inside out will ignite a ripple effect throughout your life. Relationships and authentic connections definitely help encourage and inspire our best selves, however, what we see, feel, taste, smell and hear also plays an integral role; one that will not only contribute to our own personal wellbeing but to the wellbeing of those around us.


Also- If you’re unsure where to start, check out Erin Stewart’s monthly DEFINE foods workshops for a tasty experience from which you’re sure to walk away feeling energized and eager to implement in your nutritional routine. Taking care of the body with food not only prevents illness, fatigue and other major medical conditions, it also helps balance out hormones and digestive issues that contribute to our mood and quality of life.


JessicasHeadshots001DEFINE’s Emotional Wellness ExpertJessica Pass, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Instructor at DEFINE body&mind. She has a private practice in Houston, Texas, specializing with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and parents. Jessica’s approach incorporates mind-body integration, education and practical strategies to improve emotional wellness, emphasizing all aspects of who we are to live fully and thrive in our relationships.

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Forgetting…oh lets say, your socks?

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Ways to fuel the Mind to keep it functioning at its best! 

By: Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N

Lets face it; we all have had our moments- forgetting where we parked the car, a name, birthday, or even an appointment.  While these things can sometimes be normal, they aren’t something you want to make a habit of right? Does integrity of the brain come to mind when thinking about a healthy body?  We take conscious efforts towards keeping the joints, muscles, skin, digestion, hair, etc. healthy, but what are we doing on a daily basis to keep the mind working at its absolute best?  Take these following steps to keep the brain feeling fresh throughout the day:

Stimulate the Brain

If you do this already try something different.  For example if you like crossword puzzles and do them often, then try brainteasers or work a puzzle to stimulate the brain in new ways.

Change the Routine

We are creatures of habit – so if you always put your pants on right leg first or put your shirt on then your pants, try switching it up to force the brain to think in a different order.

Continue to Learn

Most people can’t wait to get out of school to enjoy a little more free time but the more we continue to learn the better.  Keeping the mind engaged keeps neurons in the brain strong and improves function.  So read a book, search the web, or take a class to create new synapses in the brain.


Research now shows that exercising even just three times a week can delay the progression of dementia and sharpen brain function.  Not only does it improve thought process, but it can also energize the body and awaken the mind to think more clearly.

Dental Care

Periodontal disease and gingivitis have been linked to several health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, and decreased cognitive function.  Bacteria from inadequate oral hygiene are believed to travel up to the brain through the cranial nerves thus leading to plaque in the brain, which is associated with Alzheimer’s.

applesBrainpower foods/minerals

Protein– can help block the build up of serotonin in the brain (a neurotransmitter making you drowsy and sluggish).

Nuts – typically high in the mineral boron, which has been shown to improve the electrical activity of the brain.  Other foods that contain high amounts of boron are green leafy veggies, pears, apples, peaches, and grapes.

Apples – not only do apples have the mineral boron, but also some evidence shows that one apple is just as effective at waking up the mind as a cup of Joe.

Zinc – a mineral that has been shown to improve mental alertness and memory.  Foods that have a higher content of zinc are fish, oysters, whole grains and legumes.

Omega’s – crucial in brain development; supports brain function and memory. Foods such as fish, avocados, olive oil, and nuts all contain omegas.

Peppermint – studies suggest that sucking on a peppermint helps keep the mind focused.

Caffeine – some sources have antioxidant properties such as dark chocolate and coffee. Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day will help stimulate the brain and enhanced alertness.  However, too much caffeine can cause dehydration and jitteriness having the opposite effect on the mind.

Blueberries – anthocyanin is what gives this powerful fruit its rich blue pigment, which is linked to enhancing memory and learning capabilities.


We’ve all been there, those times where you just feel in a fog. Rest is needed to stabilize chemicals in the body and achieve psychological and physiological balance.  It’s crucial, and without appropriate amounts of rest – fatigue, memory loss, impaired mental function, depression and decreased mental clarity can ensue.  Just a 10-minute power nap can wake the body and mind up and keep it optimally functioning.


Small amounts make a huge difference when talking about hydration. Losing just 3-5% of body weight can adversely effect concentration, memory and reaction time. Losing just 1-2% can result in dehydration; so don’t wait until you feel thirsty because typically by then your body is already low on fluids.

Life can pull you in all directions; strive not just towards a healthy body, but also a healthy mind!
Lori_frontblogImageDEFINE’s senior instructor and anatomy specialist, Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. is a doctor in chiropractic and registered nurse. Her love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology of the human body drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they pursue their journey towards health and restoration!

More of Lori’s Articles HERE. Check out a DEFINE class or workshop to help fuel your mind during the month of May!





photography by: Christi Minter

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